Here at #SmartPayments we work with one of the top 4 acquirers globally. Processing over 100 billion dollars annually they are recognised as one of the industries leading organisations.

We often get asked how our merchant services differ from competitors such as Global Payments, Payment Sense and World Pay and I believe it can be summed up in a single statement:

‘More competitive prices, transparent charges, no hidden costs and excellent customer service’.

Unlike most providers we only charge for ‘terminal rental’ and ‘transaction charges’ … meaning you don’t have to worry about all of the other costs such as authorisation charges, minimum monthly charges, PCI compliance and non-compliance charges, billing charges etc etc that bump the bill up considerably.

In short we are here to make life easier for you and save you money too, and with virtual terminals available from just £6 +vat a month on 30-day rolling contracts it really is a no-brainer!

When talking to potential clients about taking card payments we are often asked why they should take them, so here are our Top 10 reasons why!

1) Accepting credit cards offers credibility to your business, with all of the brands such as Visa and MasterCard being hugely trusted brand names.

2) Accepting cards can boost sales, offers customers the ability to buy add-on sales, and even buy something that they cannot currently afford by putting on a credit card and paying off monthly.

3) Allows you to level the playing field by offering the same payment options as your clients offer, and if they don’t take card payments if offers you an advantage!

4) Cards encourage impulse shopping. They see it and buy it, whereas if they has to find a cash machine to get the cash out to buy it they might change their mind and not return to make the sale.

5) Improve cash flow by taking card payments and not having to wait for cheques to cash.

6) Card payments are crucial if you have an commence shop online and need to take payments.

7) Card payments eliminate the risk of taking a cheque that bounces.

8) Credit cards are convenient for customers and in many cases offer benefits such as reward points and perks. If they want to use them you should allow them the option.

9) Accepting cards is relatively inexpensive and very safe. It eliminates the need for staff to count cash and take it to the bank, and in many cases banks now charge to take cash over the counter …. and its safer too.

10) It’s quick and easy to sign up to take card payments. For more information about the services we offer please calm Tony at #SmartPayments on 01452 88-66-99 or email

With Apple Pay and such like card payments are only going to get more and more popular. Please don’t be left behind by not accepting cards … make the SMART choice.