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Take Credit Card Payments By Telephone, Terminal Or Online


Smart Card Payments offer a range of credit and debit payment solutions to businesses and organisations throughout Gloucestershire and to customers across the UK. Our debit and credit card payment solutions allow customers to receive payments using card payment terminals as well as taking payments online and over the telephone. Using a Smart Payments terminal to take credit and debit payments can save customers up to 45% on transaction charges, when compared against other card payments providers.

If you are looking for the best value card payment terminal to take credit and debit payments then make the SMART choice and contact Smart Card Payments for a free quotation.

Countertop Card Payment Terminal

We provide a fast and secure way to accept card payments from your customers at a fixed location, our countertop card machine is extremely easy to use.

Portable Card Payment Terminal

Our portable card machines are perfect for businesses with multiple points of sale, or for businesses that want to take the card machine to the customer rather than direct them to a till.

Mobile Card Payment Terminal

If you need to access payments on the go, a mobile card machine is the perfect solution for you. It is very popular with delivery teams, tradesmen and market traders.

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Which way would you like to accept card payments from your customers?

Card Payment Machines

Choose from our countertop, portable or mobile terminals, depending on the needs of your business.

E-Commerce & Website Card Payment

Accept online payments and grow your business by attracting a new customer base through your website.

Telephone Card Payments

Collect secure card payments from your customers over the phone.

Smart Card Payments are here to help grow your business and save you money.