Accept Credit and Debit Card Payments Over the Phone with Smart Card Payments.

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Smart Telephone Card Payments

Taking telephone payments over the telephone

All of the card payment machines offered by Smart Card Payments have a ‘card holder not present’ function that allows payments to be taken by the business from a customer over the telephone quickly and simply.
The benefits of taking card payments over the phone can include increasing sales for clients unable to get to you, debt recovers (a great credit control tool) and accessing instant payments.
  • No additional charges are made for ‘cardholder not present’ transactions.
  • You use the same account and merchant number making it a simple process.
  • Taking payment is simple using your card terminal to enter the clients card number and security code.
If you are looking to take card payments over the telephone and would like a free quotation please contact a member of the Smart Card Payments team today.

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