Are you fed up of seeing extra charges on your card payment providers bills to you?

We find the charges that seem to irritate businesses the most are PCI charges. There are charges for being compliant (why!!!) and even bigger charges when your not being PCI compliant.

Here at #SmartPayments we don’t believe in PCI charges …. in fact we don’t believe in any hidden charges.  For standard transactions on a month by month basis we ONLY charge you for the terminal hire and the transaction charges for each card payment.

Today a client came in and they were being charged £23 for their terminal, 2% for credit cards, 1% for debit cards, 3.5p per transaction authorisation charges …. and wait for it ….. an average of £70 a month in PCI non-compliance fees with this charge having been taken for over a year. This is daylight robbery and we were delighted to move the client across to #SmartPayments saving them around £100 a month before they even start taking payments at lower % rates.

if you’re looking for a card payments provider that offers excellent service and transparent pricing then look no further than #SmartPayments in Gloucester.